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Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service

    Google Maps/Google Earth allow you to view and use a variety of content, including map and terrain data, imagery, business listings, traffic, reviews, and other related information provided by Google, its licensors, and users (the "Content").
    Developers and Enterprise Users. If you have entered into a developer or enterprise agreement that allows you to integrate Google Maps features or content in a website, application, or other product, then the following terms apply:
    U.S. Government Restricted Rights. All access or use of Google Maps/Google Earth by or for the United States federal government is subject to the "U.S. Government Restricted Rights" section in the Legal Notices.
    Actual Conditions; Assumption of Risk. When you use Google Maps/Google Earth's map data, traffic, directions, and other Content, you may find that actual conditions differ from the map results and Content, so exercise your independent judgment and use Google Maps/Google Earth at your own risk. You’re responsible at all times for your conduct and its consequences.

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